Borewell Groundwater Survey

Borewell Groundwater Survey | Kannan Borewell Pvt ltd. in Bangalore

Topography, soil condition, fauna and geological location decide the availability of the ground water.Lakes, rivers or streams form the source of underground water. The penetrable layers underneath the ground help us detect water content below the ground.Kannan Borewells use methods like seismic activity or electrical resistivity to check the rock formation below the ground and the underground water content.

At Kannan Borewell Drillers in Bangalore, we have professional geologists with excellent knowledge and understanding of the geology of earth’s surface and the climatic conditions.

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Identifying Borewell points| Kannan Borewell Pvt ltd. in Bangalore

Borewell point identification at Kannan Borewell Pvt ltd. Services in Bangalore is accomplished with traditional methods as well as scientific methods. Borewell point identification is also known as:

Borewell point marking

Borewell point selection

Geologist survey

Borewell drilling point

Coconut borewell point marking system