Kannan Drilling Services use Robotic Rigs which are new in Automatic Drilling Rigs and are specially designed for drilling the borewells in existing flats and construction completed buildings. Robotic Rigs at Kannan Drilling Services have an advantage of 1500 feet drilling capacity and can move in all the directions through a constricted path. Robotic Rigs are coordinated by directional valves and operated with a remote controller.

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At Kannan Borewell pvt ltd. services in Bangalore Choosing the right pump is the most important factor. Every pump manufacturer gives you a head capacity curve or a table that says how much water to expect from what depth for a given HP and its efficiency range.

Kannan Borewell services utilize Submersible pumps and Compressor pumps for pumping water from borewell. A Submersible Pump is a device with a sealed motor which is fully submerged in water bodies, especially open wells and borewells. They are an efficient and better choice as they do not require any priming and are already submerged in water. A submersible pump appropriate for a 6" borewell, will have an outer diameter of the main pump body at about 5 inches to permit necessary margin of gap for lowering and rotation of the pump. The outer diameter of a pump appropriate for a 6" bore is already fixed by the pump manufacturers.

Generally, the diameter of the rising pipe which gets water to the surface for a 10 HP pump is in the order of 2" – 3" depending on discharge. A pumpraises water depending on the speed, diameter and stages of the impellers which again the pump manufacturers decide. One needs extra stages (counted by the number of rings in the pump body) as one goes deeper for a given discharge capacity.

Borewell compressor pump operates on the principle of variance in density of two-interconnected water columns where the heavier one is over balancing the lighter one. Water outflow is pulsated through a delivery pipe. The discharge of water will mostly depend on the yield of the bore. Air distributor fitted at the end makes this operation achievable.

There is no ideal pump for every case. Water pumps should be examined based on performance, low downtime, durability and price.

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Kannan Borewell Contractors are well aware that water is an essential component in every home and it is very important for you to make sure that the system has been correctly installed and maintained. As a plumbing contractor we do more complex tasks than a plumber with all the safety precautions.

Plumbers are crucial for any borewell renovation or installation. Plumbers can control the installation of pumps and all other fittings that helps in pumping water to sump / overhead tanks.

PVC pipe has been a very important factor in the plumbing industry in the last few decades, because it is lighter and easier to work with than traditional GI pipe. PVC pipe is easy to install, and requires little more than a hacksaw, meter box, and solvents which essentially glue the pipe together.

Kannan Borewell Contractors provide all kinds of plumbing repair and installation, like installing a new borewell submersible pump, compressor pump, installation of new overhead tanks, fixing a burst pipe or a leaking tap etc.

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